How to apply

Guidelines on making an application

Who can apply

The Trustees will consider applications from charities registered with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator. The Trust may also consider applications from social enterprises and similar organisations for work which is charitable in nature. The Trust will, in some instances, fund individuals.
Supporting young people into work

What we will fund

Your organisation should be involved in education or training for employment, re-training, supporting people into work, and vocational training, especially for young people. Preference will be given to organisations which can demonstrate a connection to the communities of Ayr or Airdrie in Scotland and West Bengal, particularly Darjeeling, in India.

Education of young people in Ayr and AirdrieWe prefer to make grants which make a significant contribution to a project, and we are unlikely to make a grant which is a small proportion of a large project. We may make multi-year grants, for up to 3 years.  We will make grants for revenue or capital funding and for project or core funding. Please state the amount you need, to enable the Trustees to make a decision on the level of the grant.

Applications should give a brief summary of the nature of the community or client group that the project is designed to assist, especially with regard to need, population, deprivation etc.  You will be expected to show that you know your local area or client group, that you are familiar with other relevant organisations and services within your area, and how your work fits in with other provision and does not duplicate the efforts of others.

We want to know why you think the work needs to be done, what evidence you have of the need, and how you assess the impact of your work.  We want to fund organisations which work with adults, particularly young adults, to educate and train them and to facilitate a move into, or a return to, employment.  We recognise that some groups and individuals need long-term help, but we expect clear and realistic outcomes to be set, and these should include numerical targets and real change over time.

Training and educating young people


In the case of individuals, the Trustees will consider the individual’s place of residence and preference will be given to those individuals residing in Ayr or Airdrie.


What we will not fund

We will not normally fund hospices and palliative care, appliances for illness or disability, organisations concerned with specific diseases or medical research, or animal charities.  The Trust will not normally support projects in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, nor will it normally contribute to especially large projects where its contribution would not make a material difference.


When to apply

Trustees meet 3 times a year for grantmaking, in January, May and September.  Deadlines are posted on our Home Page


How to apply

Applications must be made using our application form.  You should keep a copy of your application so that you can answer questions about it.  Applications will be acknowledged by email and you will be told the result of your application, whether successful or unsuccessful.